Monday, July 1, 2013

I have the best news ever ...

Okay, I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog.  For those of you who also follow my page  Half the Woman I Was on Facebook, you have been able to follow a few more of the ups and downs of the last month or so.  My life has been complete chaos since my last post, but I will talk more about that in my next few blog posts.  Back to the main story ...

So for the last three weeks I was finally able to stick pretty much 100% to the new Eat Right for your Type eating plan.  A quick recap, for all type O blood types:

Avoid eating all:

Wheat Guten (tough one)
Corn (corn is in freaking EVERYTHING)
Navy Beans (Easy)
Kidney Beans (Not a big deal)
Lentils (Fine)
Cauliflower (I can do that)
Cabbage (Okay)

Eat More:

Lean Red Meat (YESSSSS)
Seafood (Love it!)
Kale (Okay)
Spinach (Mmmm)
Broccoli (Hooray!)
Kelp (turns out it's a spice ;) )

I checked when I first got to my parents house in Utah, and I was at 212 pounds, at least it was 2 pounds under the initial window of 217-214!!  And that was with just small modifications to my diet since I had to finish eating the food I currently had in our house before we left for the summer :)

Then this weekend, after three weeks of fully committing to the changes in food, I finally checked again ... 207.2. 5 pounds!!!!!! 7 pounds down since I first read the Eat Right for your Type!!! I couldn't freaking believe it!!! My calories are still the same, all that changed were those few things!!!!!!  I know 7 pounds might not be a lot for some of you ... but in my little world, where I was stuck for 6 months in the same window of 217-214 ... well, this is a BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!

On top of that ... I finally finished Insanity ... and I killed it :)

I'm calling the last month a HUGE SUCCESS.  Boo-ya :)

This is my Before and After Insanity Results ... Crazy.

And from the side ... 


  1. Great job! Glad you figured out something that worked for you to get over that hump.

  2. Wow! You are awesome! Way to go! And what an amazing change!

    1. Thanks!!! It's always more amazing over time. Day to day it's not so cool. :)

  3. YEAH! You have done amazing! Great job!!!!

  4. Way to Go!! Tell me where I can find info on this "Eat right for your type".

    1. The book is pictured in the last post. I bet it's on Amazon. I got mine from my MIL a few years ago.

  5. Yes, do share the eat right for your type. Are you saying that based on blood type you need to eat a certain way????

    1. And yes, the theory the doctor proposes is that since there are 4 different types of blood, that each blood type actually digests and uses food differently. It's worth looking into at least. It explains why so many people swear by so many different types of diets or ways of eating.

  6. Congrats!!!! So happy for you!

  7. I have tried this plan before but it was so hard! For my blood type I am told to avoid chicken, tomatoes, olives, clams, shrimp, avocado, wheat, corn and pistachios!!! that's only a few of my favorites that are forbidden! Good job!

  8. Wow! Such a huge transformation! With the before ans after long were you doing it?