Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Confession: It's Plateau Time

Boo for stupid Plateaus. Booooo.
I've hit the proverbial Plateau.  Well, not so much proverbial ... as real. Lame.  I did some research and I've found some things I can try.  The first thing I tried was increasing my calories for a week.  I know it sounds crazy, but what I found out was that all the new muscles my body has can start screaming for more food and start telling your body that it is starving to death.  When that happens Cortisol kicks in and stops your body from losing any fat/weight.  What a stupid hormone!!! Anyway, it didn't work.  I gained THREE pounds last week.  Blast.  So, my next step, time to drop the calories again.  I'm going to try a drastic drop for just one week, down to 1200 calories, then bump it back up to a regular 1500.  If that doesn't help over the next two weeks, I'm also going to change up my workout program and try and push even harder.  Which I will do either way because it's time for a change :)  I will keep you all posted.  I'm ready to start progressing again.  I'm tired of the same numbers over and over.


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  2. Hello! I was just sent your blog by my cousin, since I've started doing a blog similar to yours!! It's so nice to know there are other people in similar boats as me! Thanks for posting your journey!! If you want to watch my own struggle unfold, please feel free!
    ~Your newest cheerleader!

    1. Yes!! I will so follow your Blog!!! Thank you!