Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confession: Mom Guilt

Confession: I have been feeling guilty for years about what kind of a mom I am.  Mom's out there ... you know what I mean: Mom Guilt.  It's as common as the common cold.  We compare ourselves to the other moms in the world and always find something lacking. The thing that's been bugging me lately are all my friends who are super awesome "Crafty Moms." You know, the kind that cut out paper hearts with their kids for Valentines Day and have an amazing bonding moment.  Or the moms who melt left over crayons into awesome new Super Crayons then spend the afternoon creating things.  Pinterest is full of ideas for the crafty mom to help her become the Wonder Woman of Moms.

But I am NOT a crafty mom.  I've beat myself up over this for quite some time now.  I was worried that I never enjoyed spending quality time with my kids.  Obviously I was an inferior mom.

This weekend I had an incredible awakening.  I am NOT a crafty mom, and let's face it, I never will be.  It just isn't my thing.  It isn't something I enjoy at all, so why would I enjoy doing it with my kids??? I WOULDN'T.  I'm also not a baking mom.  Making cookies with my kids completely stresses me out.  I'm definitely not a gardening mom, I kill anything that is green.

BUT ... I can totally be a sporty mom!!! I LOVE playing sports with my kids!!! Basketball, soccer, frisbee, freeze tag ... I. LOVE. IT.  It's something I enjoy doing, and so do my kids.  We've found our "thing."  I can't even describe to you how happy this makes me.  I wish there were words for it.  I love listening to them laugh and play together.  I love being outside with them and listening to them encourage each other.  I have to admit though ... it scares me that I might never have had the chance to be Sporty Mom.  What if I hadn't found a way to get more healthy?  What if I hadn't found the energy I need to be Sporty Mom?? Once again ... I am thankful Beach Body changed my life ...

Sporty Mom.  It has a nice ring to it. :)


  1. Congrats! I love Beach Body too! ;)

  2. I think I relate to sport mom a bit. Its so hard not to compare yourself to others and feel like you should be doing everything else. Thanks for sharing this insight!

  3. You are a such an awesome mom...and SPORTY MOM is def your thing. You are also a musical mom, spiritual mom, etc... You have so many talents. I'm not Crafty mom at all and Pinterest just makes me feel worse about myself.