Monday, April 15, 2013


I've gained 3 pounds since my husband came back.  Blast.  And we've been BUSY! And I know weight is just a number, but still ... it's frustrating. It has to be my nutrition ... and I have a new theory ... I don't think it is because my husband likes some unhealthy food every now and then so I don't have the will power to resist when he eats it ... I think it's because I stop working towards a specific GOAL once he is back! When he's gone I think to myself all the time "I have to work harder today, I need to look good by the time he gets back." Or "I can't eat that right now, I have to look good when he comes home." You know?? So, I'm going to try something absolutely revolutionary ... I'm going to set some goals while he is still home.  I know, crazy right? And, since you all know everything about me anyway, I'm going to share my goals with you, to keep me accountable: 8 weeks from now I want to weigh less than 200 pounds.  16 pounds ... it's a high amount, but totally do-able.  I will check in every week to keep you posted on how it is going.  GULP!!! Here we go ...

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  1. I have the SAME problem! I lost 60 lbs, going from 210 lbs to 150 lbs when my husband served a 9 month tour to Afghanistan in 2010. After he came home I gained back 15 lbs in the first few months, but I was okay with it. As it goes for some, I had our second child post deployment, and since then I have had such difficulty making and KEEPING my goals with him home because I'm just happy he's with me, and I like to make him food that makes him happy. I'm fighting harder to STICK WITH IT, although he is very encouraging. Good luck on your goal, it's a GREAT one. I have faith you can do it. I'm just now switching to a clean eating diet with my family, so my hopes are that that helps nutrition wise. I'm back to working out again as well. Unfortunately this time, I have to lose 80 lbs to get to below my previous goal weight of 150 lbs. You are an encouragement for me, as I see you've come SO far! I know it's possible!