Monday, January 21, 2013

Confession: Food still has an emotional connection for me

It's true ... Food and I are still great friends.  I need it ... emotionally.  I realized this big time last fall when I did Beach Body's Ultimate Reset.  It's a 21 day total food reset, or cleanse, and I did it over my birthday.  I tried for a really long time to think of something fun to do on my birthday since my husband was gone and some friends offered to watch my kids so I could do something awesome ... and I couldn't think of a singe thing to do.  If I went to the beach or hiking I would have got too hungry and Salad was all I could have for lunch.  If I went to the movies water was all I could get and the smell of pop corn would have been torture.  A drive to the North Shore just didn't sound fun at all without being able to stop at our favorite grill for shrimp or a burger.  I NEED food.  I need it.  I had no idea how much until that moment.

But ... my emotional connection to food is definitely getting healthier.  Fruit and yogurt can take the place of ice cream most nights.  Veggies and Hummus instead of chips.  Chocolate Shakeology for the chocolate cravings.  But sometimes, when exercise, water and Shakeology just aren't enough ... I still make brownies.  And they are delicious.  And they make me feel better.  They really do.  So as long as I don't eat the whole pan of brownies ... I'm going to continue baking brownies to make me feel better.  Indulgence ... but under-control-indulgence.  Mmmmm.  Brownies.

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  1. Good for you! We all need to indulge every once in awhile.