Friday, January 25, 2013

Lesson Learned: I'm the only thing standing between me and the person I want to be.

It turns out it really WAS just me that was the problem all along.  Every time I would try and make the changes I needed to change my life I kept thinking over and over "ugh! this is too hard! I don't want to have to do this for the rest of my life!" And then, when the results weren't immediately gratifying ... I would give up.  It was too much, it was too over-whelming.

Uh ... I just didn't keep at it long enough!!! You have to take it one habit at a time until that habit is truly a part of who you ARE ... then tackle the next challenge.  Then the next.  And the next.  And don't get frustrated by how slow you are progressing.  My average weight loss is only 5 pounds a month.  And I work HARD for those 5 pounds.  But guess what ... 5 pounds every month over an entire year ... well ... math people? Anyone? ... Yeah ... it's 60 pounds a year.  Um, that's a LOT.

So now give me your excuses for why you aren't starting now, Today ... I've heard them all.  I've SAID them all.  Here we go:

I don't have time to workout every day ... uh, yeah you do.  It's only an hour.  You just have to schedule it and make it happen.

Eating healthy costs too much money ... yeah, and so does McDonalds and Pizza Hut.  But somehow we always find the money for that.  And soda.  And a few treats.  And maybe some ice cream.  It's just a matter of budgeting it in, and making it a priority.  Eat healthy.  For the same amount of money it costs to order your family pizza twice a month you could buy a daily amount of Shakeology that gives you an insane amount of nutrition and helps keep all the junk food cravings away.

I am too out of shape, it's embarrassing ... Um, HELLO ... 299 pounds!! Been there.  You have to start somewhere.

I have too many pains in my body ... yep ... modify and start slow.  Find the right workout and build on it.  Easy. Next.

I hate working out ... so did I.

I hate 5 am ... so did I.

I'm too old ... well, I was 34, not old but definitely not young.
See that smile, see the sweat  ... it could be you.  

I love food ... so DO I.

It's too hard ... yeah, it is.  But it gets easier.

Go ... give me your excuses ... I'm ready for you ... Trust me.  Just start today.  Decide TODAY that you are sick of being overweight, tired, sore, depressed, angry, frustrated, whatever ... If you need help email me or find me on Facebook ... I know the answer ... all the answers :)


  1. I get so frustrated when I hear people's excuses. "I have little kids, my husband works a lot"...blah blah blah. I am a single parent most of the time. I have FOUR kids. When I started my youngest was 4 months. It wasn't easy to hear her cry when I would run while pushing her stroller, but she was fine and I really needed to be doing what I was doing. ANYONE CAN DO THIS. It's just a matter of making it a priority, making it work with your life, and making it happen every day.

    1. Hey Soul Sista' ... No excuses ... we're done with excuses, right???

  2. Well said, well said!! It's so true. Little steps, learning bits and pieces to make a healthier happier me. Right there with ya!