Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Success: My 4 year old ASKED for salad at dinner. And then seconds.  And then thirds.  And ... he ate his Bisque!

You would have to know my son to know how amazing this is.  Picture the pickiest eater you know then times that by 7.  And the best part was he got his younger brother to eat all his dinner as well!  Here is the amazing Roasted Red Pepper Sweet Potato Bisque for those who are in need of an amazing new Vegetarian meal idea.

Roast Peppers on 400, turning every 10 minutes until entirely blackened.

Cube 2 Sweet Potatoes and boil until soft.

Peel and Shred Ginger to get 2 Tbs. fresh ginger.

Add everything together with 1 can Broth and 2 tsp. Miso Paste (Optional) in a blender and puree. Salt to taste.


This one I didn't come up with on my own.  It was part of a 21 day Reset I did in October.  Check out the link if you want to know more about it!!!

Ultimate Reset


  1. yum, that does look good! thanks for sharing.

  2. looks amazing,definitely trying this recipe out!