Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Success: He misses me

My husband is one of those people who can pretty much eat the entire cheesecake factory and still look slim and awesome.  So getting him to switch our family eating habits to more healthy ones was tricky.  He did it ... but not with a smile on his face.  More of a subdued acceptance because he knew it was important to me.  And then I had him try Shakeology.  At first he was like, "eh, fine, only because you are making me." And then he started to like it.  Then he loved it.  Now he NEEDS it.  Then I took out all the easy access treats because I am a sugar junkie and I can't say no if it is around.  That was a sad day for my poor man.  Then I started adding more vegetarian meals to our weekly meal plan, and more fruits and vegetables to everything.  At first he was like "ugh, more veggies." And then he started to like it.  And then ... he left for a few weeks of training.  But he sent me a text about three days after he left and he said, "Man, the food here is horrible.  Not that I am super healthy but it is a big difference in food.  I miss Shakeology and the other healthy stuff you make me eat.  MRE's just do not feel right anymore, like I am putting inferior fuel in." HAH!! SUCESS!! I love you babe.  I love that you support me in all my crazy ideas, even if you are only doing it for me.  And I love even more that you are starting to love all my new crazy ideas :)

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